Pricing Guide


Quilting which is sewn in rows across the quilt from edge to edge until the quilt is fully quilted. The cost for this is $4.00 per square foot. ($3.50 per square foot if booked prior to 1/7/2018).

Minimum cost is $50 per quilt. 

I generally do not charge additional costs for thread but if I have to buy in a special thread or if your quilt is very heavily quilted there may be additional charges.

All costs are discussed when your quilt is dropped off, I will give you an accurate price at the time. If posting your quilt I will give you a guideline before sending and then an accurate quilt before quilting commences.

Machine basting is available for people who wish to hand quilt their quilts, quilts are quilted with a basting stitch in a contrasting thread.  Cost is $2.00 per square foot, minimum cost is $50.00


I use a variety of different threads including Superior So Fine, Aurifil, Madeira and Signature threads.  Solid colours and variegated are available.


Please contact me before you post your quilt, if posting your quilt I suggest you have tracked postage.  Return postage, packing and insurance is at your cost. 


$25.00 per hour which is only charged if the quilt is not prepared correctly, please see Quilt preparation for a description on how you should prepare you quilt.


Use this formula to calculate the cost of your quilting:

  1. Multiply quilt width by quilt length: 60” X 72” = 4320 square inches
  2. Divide square inches by 144: 4320 /144 = 30 square feet
  3. Multiply square feet by price: 30 X $4.00 = $120

Please use this as a guideline we will discuss your costs when you drop off your quilt, if you quilt is prepared properly and measured correctly this is an accurate cost.


I currently have a 2 week turnaround on quilts,  I am happy to work with you to get your quilts quilted when needed.