Quilt Preparation

Please take the time to prepare your quilt correctly.

Quilt Top Preparation

Please DO NOT have any embellishments on your quilt such as buttons and charms, you can sew them on after your quilt has been quilted.

Please trim off all threads as they can show through the quilt,  especially on light coloured quilts.

Stay stitch within ¼” around the edge of your top. This prevents seams from opening during machine quilting, especially necessary it there are no borders on the quilt.

Press your quilt, please make sure your seams are pressed open or to one side.

Quilt tops that are not square and / or do not lie flat may have pleats / tucks in when quilted.

Quilt Back preparation

All backing fabric should be 4 inches wider on each side that the quilt top i.e. if your quilt measures 60" X 72" your backing should measure 68" X 80".

Trim selvedges  from seams if backing is pieced and press seams open.  Selvedges can be left on wide back fabric.

Square up your backing so that all edges are straight and the corners are at right angles.

I stock a range of wide back fabrics available for purchase, if purchasing from me I will prepare your fabric for you, if you would like to see the fabrics available please have a look at Love Lee Fabric.


Batting must be 4 inches larger than your quilt tops on all 4 sides.

You can supply your own batting or I stock a few different ones which can be purchased.